Our interpretations of the classic French-Canadian dish poutine.  We use Dallas Mozzerella Company cheese curds, which we process over 3 days to adjust the consistency. All our gravies are made from scratch, using our own scratch-made stocks. The Blind Butcher fry spice is also crafted on site, as is the bacon.

Duck Poutine: Duck fat fries, local cheese curds, duck leg confit, fried egg, and duck gravy. Adding a duck egg or seared piece of Foie Gras takes this popular poutine to new heights.

Pork Poutine: House-made pork belly, local cheese curds, fries tossed in Blind Butcher fry spice, and served with smoky pork gravy. This rich poutine for the pork enthusiast has become a favorite.

Mushroom Poutine: Rich mushroom gravy smothers local cheese curds and fries tossed in our signature fry spice. This is an option for the vegetarian diner to enjoy our poutines.